Revolution Photography

Hey Guys !

Just returned from a trip that took me to two different spots in Mexico.  Isla Mujeres for the annual Whale shark festival and to Isla Guadalupe for some cage diving with great white sharks.

What an amazing trip.  First was snorkelling with some new friends and as many as 4 whale sharks at  a time in Isla Mujeres !  If you'd like to join me next year snorkelling with whale sharks click here or on the expedition tab in the top banner. 

The second part of the journey saw my friend Mitch and I aboard the "Undersea Hunter" of the Nautilus Fleet.  Again, meeting some amazing people from 4 different countries and shark action that was making our heads spin !

The galleries are coming soon, so check back often and be sure to ask for more info on next years whale shark expedition to Isla Mujeres.

Talk soon and Happy Diving !